Best Trimmer Line For Edging

The best trimmer line for edging is the same best trimmer line for all the other jobs. It doesn’t matter what the job it is for, the best trimmer line is the one you put into the trimmer and it lasts all day.

There are a lot of fancy trimmer lines with many sides and different shapes and they are all supposed to be the best because of their unique features. The reality of the situation is this- if you have ever spent a full day trimming, you will want a trimmer line which lasts the longest between changes.

A trimmer line i would recommend is Oregon Gatorline pro Magnum 0.95″. It is a square edged line with a reinforced fibre core to prevent breaking and it lasts really well. This is a tough trimmer line capable of all trimming tasks including edging.

Lets look at how I arrived at this conclusion.

Trimmer line comes in many different materials, shapes, colors and diameters. These all (except color) have an impact on how well the line cuts and how durable it is.

What are the different thicknesses of trimmer line?

Starting with thickness, trimmer line usually can be divided into three categories with different thicknesses for each.

Fine trimmer line is usually around 0.06 to 0.075” in diameter, this is for fine grass, weeds.

Medium trimmer line is from 0.075” to 0.09” in diameter, this is used for medium sized grass and weeds

Heavy Duty trimmer line is anything from 0.09” to 0.15” and beyond in diameter this is for the toughest grasses and weeds before you go to a steel blade which no one really wants to do as they are so dangerous.

Why is trimmer line different shapes?

Trimmer line usually comes in four different shapes, Round, Square, Multi Sided eg, Star, Bladed or X Shaped and Spiral.

Round trimmer line is the most common and easiest to find and buy. Round line is also more commonly found at the fine size of range although it is made in medium and heavy duty also.

Round line is the standard line for all strimming jobs, and it comes in all thicknesses which some of the other shaped lines does not.

Square trimmer line has improved cutting benefits to round line because it has a square edge but even this will wear off and the line will become round line eventually. The square shape is to allow the grass to have a cleaner cut finish rather than torn or ragged like round line can leave.

Multi sided line for example star shaped line is another take on the sqaure line which means it’s for leaving the grass with a nicer cut finish. Some square edged and star edged lines are prone to break easier than round lines contrary to what most people believe.

Bladed or X shaped is another aggressive shaped trimmer line which although leaves a clean cut, is also prone to breaking.

Spiral trimmer line is for noise restricted areas and is like two thin trimmer lines wound together.

What are the different materials trimmer line is made from?

Basic trimmer lines are made from hardened monofilament nylon line, although many manufacturers add a reinforcing material to give their line a longer lasting edge.

Some Manufacturers reinforce the line internally with aluminium or a polymer is added to the nylon line to give further reinforcement.

Bottom line (pardon the pun) is the tougher the line the better.

Which trimmer line do i recommend?

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This is a very good trimmer line made by Oregon. It is the only one I find which lasts for a reasonable amount of time. The tough inner core wire really makes a difference to help stop the line breaking off.

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