the seed coating start up on a bag of swedes

Enhancing swede seed performance: seed coatings

I know from experience that growing swedes requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal seedling establishment and yield. One small part of this process is buying swede seeds which have already had seed coatings applied.

These coatings play a significant role in protecting seeds from diseases and pests while promoting healthy germination and early growth. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of seed dressings for swede seeds, focusing on key products and their benefits.

Seed dressings in swede cultivation

Swede seeds are susceptible to various environmental stresses and pathogens during germination and early growth stages. Seed dressings act as a protective barrier, safeguarding seeds from fungal diseases, bacterial infections, and pest damage. They also provide essential nutrients and growth stimulants to support robust seedling development. If they are available I would always choose to have them on the seed.

The seed coating Sepiret on my bag of swede seeds.
The seed coating Sepiret on my bag of swede seeds.

2 common swede seed dressings

There are many seed treatments available for swede seeds, but some are products you need to add to the seedbed by crop sprayer- for example Celest XL. The following two seed treatments are already applied to the seed coating, so I don’t need to add anything afterwards.


Start-uP by Ilex Envirosciences is a seed coating formulated with fertilisers (phosphorous) to aid swede seed germination and early growth. This coating improves water uptake and nutrient availability, facilitating rapid seedling emergence and establishment.


Sepiret is a seed coating designed to accelerate water uptake and promote faster germination in swede seeds. By improving seed hydration, Sepiret enhances seedling emergence and reduces the time to crop establishment. Furthermore, Sepiret enhances seed flowability, facilitating precise seed placement during planting operations.

Seed coatings enhance swede seed performance and I have found them beneficial in getting my swede crops established. By providing protection against diseases and pests, as well as promoting optimal germination and early growth, seed dressings contribute to higher yields and overall crop quality.