How To Keep Grass Green Year Round

We find there are a number of key areas which need to be covered if you’re not sure how to keep your lawn looking its best.


First we need to look at drainage- is the land well drained?, is the soil type free draining or heavy clay.

When the soil is well drained it will give you a good base to start with- so get that covered first.


Next – is the grass is good condition or does it need to be re sown- sometimes on older lawns you may need to scarify to remove the moss as this suffocates the grass.


If the lawn has been overgrown with moss for a long time it may need to be drained and resown. Moss usually takes over in wetter gardens so keep that in mind also.

A good plan for how to keep your grass green year round is every spring to kill any visible moss with a moss killer.

This is usually applied through a spreader and then the lawn is scarified to remove the dead moss.


Finally, you should give the grass a good fertilizing to encourage a thick, luscious, green crop of grass which will keep moss at bay and leave you with a beautiful lawn to enjoy all year round.

Keep fertilizing and mowing your lawn regulary in spring, summer and autumn as this will keep the grass healthy and strong for the long winter months.


Spot applications of weedkiller can be applied if you notice a weed starting to take over an area of the lawn.

Paying attention to detail is key to having a good lawn – as with most things if it is neglected it will fall into disrepair and lose its cared for look.


Other things to keep in mind are watering during dry months and keep traffic off the lawn if possible in winter as it can become saturated with water and quickly turn into a muddy mess.

The final cut of grass should take place in the autumn when temperatures fall below 8-10 degrees centigrade.

The lawnmower should be raised up a bit from its normal setting to provide protection to the roots of the grass.

Although this will be the last cut of the grass it doesn’t mean you forget about the lawn – keep a look out for any pests or blocked land drainage over winter.

Performing an aerator test at the end and the start of the season is a good way to prevent water logging and helps to supply nutrients to the roots of the grass.

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