How To Landscape My Backyard On A Budget

This house is built on sloping ground- the foundations were dug into the hillside. This means at one side the land is higher at the top and lower at the bottom.

Where the front lawn meets the sloping ground at the side there is a sharp fall, I am going to make this a gradual fall by filling it up. The following article shows you how to landscape your backyard on a budget.

This lawn area to the front of the house has a steep drop at the end of it where it meets the bottom of the slope at the side. I will fill this land up to remove the steep drop.

As i fill up the ground into this forest area i will gradually lower the filled area until it meets the existing ground.

The finished job should have a very gradual slope down into the forest from the edge of the existing lawn.

The area will be re sown in grass and its natural flowers will be re introduced- bluebells, snowdrops etc.

The main areas to pay attention to when i am filling up this lower area of forest are:

1. The new soil doesn’t cover the hedge to the lower side, and that it has a gradual slope to the top of the filled area.

2. When the main area has been filled up to the level i want, i need to dig the filled soil away from the trunks of the couple of existing trees as this could kill them.

3. All the large stones and boulders should be kept to the bottom of the filled area and the small stones and soil kept to the top to allow me to plant a hedge and sow grass without large stones protruding through.

To be continued… in progress!