My Hardi sprayer booms

Tidying the booms of the Hardi sprayer

Today I used the angle grinder to remove the rust spots from one of the booms on the Hardi sprayer.

The sprayer boom with the rust cleaned off.

After I had removed all the rust, I undercoated it using rust primer with zinc. I intend to remove the rust from the other boom and the tank frame and apply this rust primer to those areas also.

The sprayer boom undercoated

When I have all the metalwork cleaned and primed I will paint everything with a top coat of Hardi red paint.

Rust Primer

I made a new red spray bar out of a piece of box section and cut in half along its length, bored the holes for the sprayer nozzles and then finished it with rust primer paint.

The old rear spray bar alongside the new one made from box section.
The new rear spray bar.