the weeds are dying in the swedes field

Update on the weeds in the swede field: part 2

It has just passed 6 weeks since I sprayed the beds in the swede field for weeds using glyphosate and they are looking good.

Another good job taking place is clearing back the whin bushes (Gorse) which were growing out into the field. My uncle used the Massey Ferguson 50B digger to clear them back, he bought it a long time ago and can’t part with it.

I had deliberately left the sides of the field clear so work could take place – the whins dug back on one side and a drain to be installed on the other – this can happen without affecting the swedes when they are sown.

It will be another 6 to 8 weeks until I sow the swedes, but if the weeds do start to come back, in drier weather I can give the beds a quick till with the bedtiller.

More updates later..