About me

Hello, my name is Richard Leighton, I created GrowerExperts.com to provide helpful information about farm machinery and crops. The GrowerExperts I refer to are the farmers who provide food each year for us to eat.

growerexperts about
Planting potatoes in 2008 with my family.

My main interests are in farm machinery and crop production. I have grown potatoes and swedes commercially for processors and shops.


I grew up on a farm and studied agriculture at Greenmount Agricultural College in Northern Ireland. Over the years I have been involved with growing many different crops, and grasses. I also studied agricultural engineering and enjoy restoring, repairing, and using agricultural machinery.

an image of me taken from a newspaper when i visited a crop farmer with Greenmount agricultural college
A photograph of me in my younger days on a crop visit with Greenmount – taken from a newspaper.

If there is something you think I may be able to help you with, click on my contact page and send me an email. Thank you.