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Planting potatoes in 2008 with my family.

Hello my name is Richard, I created GrowerExperts.com as a reference for people who require relevant information about growing plants and vegetables from people with real life experiences.

I have written many articles covering different gardening topics, but I specialise in vegetable production, as I grow potatoes and turnips commercially. I do include many other garden related articles, dealing with issues found outside your home, garden and yard.

I want to help you in your quest for the perfect garden- be that small or large, modern, contemporary or classic in design. I have been gardening for over twenty years and have created many gardens, used many tools and materials- so now I want to share my knowledge with others.


My wife and i were brought up on farms and have studied Agriculture and Horticulture at College and University. Both our families are from a farming backgrounds and this has allowed us to experience growing many different vegetables, crops and grasses. I love working with agricultural machinery and have studied it as part of my education.

A lot of our know-how and brand awareness has been picked up along the way. We have lived in a couple of different houses which have required renovating to varying degrees and have needed new landscaping and gardens- all of which has been carried out by ourselves.

I have written articles on many different tools and pieces of gardening equipment which I have used over the years and if not that particular model, then I have used our knowledge to point out the good and bad features that item will have.

Helpful Advice

In my experience an inexpensive tool ends up expensive, as you will inevitably end up buying the correct tool after you have first wasted your money on the cheap/ inexpensive one.

Budget tools usually break within a short period of time or do not perform the intended function properly. I prefer to give honest recommendations as it will prevent others making the same mistakes I made in the beginning.

I found a lot of information on tool websites is simply data- it doesn’t tell you if the tool works or how well it does the job compared to other tools on the market.

I love growing things and creating beautiful gardens- armed with the correct information and tools I know you will too!