weeds in the swede field in October

Monitoring next year’s swede field for weeds

Earlier this year I had sown swedes into this field but after the crop failed for various reasons, I rubbed them out and have left it tilled in beds for next year. I will spray the weeds with herbicide and sow it again in better conditions in spring 2024.

Initially, I drilled the field using a drill plough and sowed onto the drills, but when I saw the swedes were not going to make it after the majority of them had been devoured by slugs, I decided to leave the field sitting in beds for next year. I tilled the drills with a bedtiller, which made a great job of the soil and means I can use the same tractor to perform the tilling and sowing.

Rubbing out the dirty mess with the bedtiller

The drills were made and sown in mid June – which is late, they were rubbed out in August and I noticed weeds starting to grow on the beds by September, so I sprayed them with glyphosate- although in hindsight I should have let the weeds grow on for longer before spraying, just to have caught more of them.

Weed starting to grow by 16th November

Since then the weeds have begun to grow back – I noticed this by November and more by December.

Five weeks later…this photo was taken on the 23rd December….weeds need to be sprayed soon.

I hope to spray the field for the final time with glyphosate in January if I get a long enough period of dry weather. This should last until I prepare the beds with the bedtiller in April.

More updates coming soon…