my used hardi sprayer

New Hardi Sprayer Project

I have another project…tidying up a rough Hardi mounted sprayer!

It is a 15m 800litre with hydraulic folding booms…it will be good when I’m finished with it…it’s not so good at the minute.

my hardi sprayer was in bad condition when i first brought it home
The sprayer was rough when I first got it – look at the shape of the rear spray bar!

I used to own an Allman mounted crop sprayer – it had an 800-litre tank and I’m not sure if it was 12m or 15m hydraulic folding booms – I think it was 12m, anyway it was great compared to the manual fold-out booms on the other sprayer on the farm. The only point I didn’t like about it was that the booms folded up alongside the cab, which made it annoying to get in and out.

I have since sold that sprayer and have been using the manual fold-out sprayer, but was always looking out for another hydraulic boom one. So I found a Hardi sprayer owned by a man near me- It has hydraulic folding booms an 800-litre tank and has a handy side tank to pour in the chemicals and another wash-out tank on the other side. It is quite old but still good. It has 15m booms which I might cut down to 12m.

Hardi sprayers are known to have bad booms, and this one is no exception, apart from the fact that they are rusty, which is nothing really, one of them was cracked at where it attaches to the tank frame and a rough job was made of fixing it. This won’t be a problem though, I have fixed worse than this..

the sprayer looked better after its first wash
Looking better after its first good wash.

The first job I did was to give it a thorough clean – to see exactly what faults it had – muck is great at hiding problems. More updates soon…