our underfloor grain dryer

Alvan Blanch underfloor grain dryers

There is an underfloor grain dryer on this farm which I helped to install around 30 years ago. The fan and heating unit are made by a well-known crop-drying equipment manufacturer Alvan Blanch.

The company

Alvan Blanch is a well-known British company who have been making agricultural machinery for over 70 years. Started by Alvan Blanch in the late 1940s, the company aimed to help farmers after World War II.

Alvan Blanch make many things, for example, grain dryers, feed mixers, and grain processing tools. Farmers trust their equipment because it’s reliable and gets the job done well.

Their grain dryers are especially popular. They can dry different grains like wheat, barley, and maize efficiently while keeping them in good condition.

How our underfloor dryer works

Dryer floor: The dryer floor is the container for the grain drying process. It is designed to be filled with grain to a uniform depth, ensuring that each grain has equal exposure to airflow and heat. The even depth of grain across the drying floor is crucial for consistent and thorough drying, preventing clumping and moisture removal.

The moisture rising out of the grain in the dryer.

The dryer floor has vents which prevents the grain from falling through but allows the forced air from the fan to pass into and through the grain.

Axial fan: The axial fan plays a pivotal role in the drying process by forcing either cold or warm air underneath and up through the grain bed. Positioned strategically within the dryer, the axial fan draws in ambient air from the surroundings and propels it through the heating system and into the drying chamber.

The fan ramping up to speed on the Alvan Blanch dryer.

This continuous airflow ensures that the heated air reaches all parts of the grain bed, maximising moisture evaporation and promoting efficient drying.

Heater unit: The heater unit is responsible for generating the heat required to elevate the temperature of the air forced into the dryer. Typically fueled by oil or gas, the heater unit heats the incoming air to the desired temperature before it is directed underneath the dryer floor and up through the grain.

The heat generated by the heater unit accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the grains, facilitating the drying process and helping to maintain optimal drying conditions throughout.

Control panel: The control panel serves as the command centre for the Alvan Blanch underfloor grain dryer, providing us with the tools and interface needed to monitor and regulate the drying process effectively.

Through the control panel, we can adjust parameters such as temperature, airflow, and drying duration to suit the specific requirements of the grains being dried. Real-time feedback and data provided by the control panel allows us to fine-tune the drying process, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

Our underfloor grain dryer has required very little maintenance since it was installed, and can be loaded and unloaded quickly, as it inside the grain shed it can also act as a store when needed.