Easiest flowers to grow in pots: and to maintain.

Flowers are ornamental plants used in designing landscapes, interiors and exterior areas of our houses. They add life and colour to our rooms and buildings and they also release oxygen and soothing smells.

Many of us love flowers, we want them in our houses, on top of our kitchen counters and on our dining table, but sometimes we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of the world that we forget to take good care of our beautiful flowers.

We forget to water them, feed them and put them in the sun. If the flower dies, we buy another plant, reminding ourselves we will take more care of it than the last one.

This is a common problem for many people who love flowers but don’t make the time to take good care of them. The remedy to this dilemma is to buy a flower which is easy to grow and maintain.

Below is a list of flowers which will give your home an enriching colour without needed much care in return.  You won’t need to have years of experience to take good care of them, they will survive with little or no care at all.


Dianthus is a potted plant with over 3000 plant species, it is used for decoration and also to add flavor to salad, sandwich and pies.

Dianthus is small and usually grows between 6 to 15 inches, they often come in pink, salmon red and white hues and they giveoff a fragrance of cinnamon or cloves note.

The plant is drought resistant and will grow in a partial shade or full sun. Like all plants, Dianthus prefers a fertile and well drained soil to grow.

Dianthus may be attacked by aphids and other pests, so you are expected to check the plant for them for at least once a month.


The Pansy is a potted flower which originated from a small group of European wild flowers, they come in variety of colours such as blue, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.

They grow to become about 6 to 9 inches tall and can spread to about 9 to 12 inches. The pansy flowers every season even in winter. The Pansy does not grow very quickly, which means it can be left for extended periods of time without much checking.

When they germinate, the pansy should be kept in full sun and watered regularly. It is better to be kept inside the house for about 10-12 weeks before being put outside.

If there is frost outside they are better to be brought indoors.frost date. One of the main reasons most pansies die is as result of insufficient water.


The Petunia is an annual flower that is best grown during late summer, it has a variety of colour and grows to about 10 inches tall.

It blooms during spring, summer, and fall. Petunia seeds are not planted deeply into the soil because they will hold a lot of moisture and end up rotting instead of germinating.

The pot should be watered lightly and covered with a plastic bag to encourage and should be set in a bright, sunny location.

When the petunia seed grows, avoid watering it too much and remember to prune it now and then so it can maintain its shape.

The Petunia may attract birds and should be kept indoors if this is a recurring problem.


The Marigold is one of the most commonly grown flowers in the world, it was used in ancient Greek, India and Arabic cultures as a dye, cosmetic and medicinal herb.

It is also edible and can be used to add flavor to a salad dishes. The plant has about 20 -30 species and comes in variety of colours such as gold, maroon, yellow, and orange.

It grows up to 2-3 inches in height and blooms during spring, summer and fall. Marigolds are sown into warm soil about a month after final frost date, and they germinate a few weeks after planting.

Marigolds should not be watered at the top but at the base of the plant to prevent rot. One thing about marigold is that they thrive in infertile soil, but a small amount of fertilizer can also be added to create a lush plant, but the fertilizer must be used sparingly as it will cause the plant to die if too much is used.

The plant also needs at least six hours of direct sunlight for it to bloom. 


Zinnia is an annual plant that grows with minimum care, the flower grows to about 18-24 inches tall, and they only come in pink colours.

The plants are sown 0.5cm deep and need full sunlight to bloom. When zinnia mature they require less water. They eventually become drought resistant as they near full maturity.


Celosia is an annual plant that can be grown both in outdoors and indoors, the flower grows to a maximum height of about 1-2 feet, its flowers are arranged in a globe kind of way, and has different colours coming with each new seed planted.

Celosia is very easy to take care of, and its flowers bloom from June until frost. The seedlings should be kept under full sun or a partial shade.

Celosia does not do well when it is kept away from sunlight and should not be watered too much, it should only be watered when the soil is visibly dry.


Carnations are flowers that grow tall and add lots of colour and fragrance to the place where they are grown. Carnations are usually  purple-pink in color and can grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet tall.

The seed should be planted between six to eight weeks before the last frost date and it should be covered with ¼ inch of fine soil.

The flowers of the carnation bloom during late spring and summer, and the soil where carnations are planted should not be over watered as this can cause a yellow foliage.

Carnations are usually pest and disease resistant. Carnation flowers requires about 2 to 3 hours of sunlight daily.