Potato Variety Russet Burbank: origin and characteristics

Russet Burbank potatoes are one of the most popular potato varieties in the United States. They were bred by the US plant breeder Luther Burbank (Massachusetts) in 1902 in a bid to improve the disease resistance of Irish potato varieties being used at that time.


Russet Burbank potatoes were not an immediate success when first introduced, but when irrigation arrived in the US it proved to growers that the variety could produce large potatoes. At first, the variety was used for baking potatoes but as freezers and fast food diners began to emerge in the 1940’s the variety was excellent for producing French fries.

Russet Burbank is the No.1 potato used to make Mc Donalds French fries.

Potato features

Russet Burbank are large, long potatoes which are slightly flat with multiple eyes. The plant foliage is of medium height and medium stem thickness and white flowers. The potato will produce brown/purple coloured sprouts.


Russet Burbank can produce as much as 30 tons of potatoes to the acre but in difficult climates expect down to 10 tons per acre.


The main uses are frying and baking.


Stores very well for a long period – 6 months+


Taste panels score the variety very high for frying and baking.


Russet Burbank is relatively simple to grow- they like deep fertile soil with a good supply of water. Care should be taken with over-fertilization especially Nitrogen, as this can damage tuber quality.

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