spraying weeds in swedes

Sprayed Weeds In The Swede Field

Today I took advantage of the final day in a series of 4 or 5 dry days we had to apply the glyphosate to the weeds in the swede field.

Not only was it a good dry day, but there was no wind whatsoever, and the temperature was 5 degrees centigrade all day.

I have been checking the forecast for the past month and the next two weeks look like it will be wet most days, with more frost to come, usually, when there is a hard frost, it takes a lot of the day to lift the moisture from the leaves. Today the leaves were all dry and had been for a few days.

Although the soil was moist and it did stick to the tyres, I was able to apply the spray without making tracks or making a mess of the field.

I will add some more photos of the wheel tracks later.

The sprayer worked great – I had calibrated it earlier in the day and it was producing the exact amount of liquid at each nozzle when timed for 30 seconds at the same bar pressure.

You will notice in the pictures that I have begun to remove rust and flaking paint on the booms – it is still a work in progress for the metalwork.