How Many Potatoes In A Pound? quick and easy

Often you’ll come across recipes that don’t state how many potatoes you need, but the weight. This can be frustrating if you don’t know the weight of a potato without using scales. It is really handy to know how many potatoes in a pound. By the end of this article, you’ll know this answer just by looking at them.

There are over 5,000 varieties of potatoes, and each one of these varieties fit into one of seven potato types: Petite, Russet, Fingerling, Red, Blue/Purple, White, and Yellow.

Do different potato types have different weights

The good news is that all fresh uncooked potatoes weigh roughly the same weight in relation to their size regardless of the variety.

Whether you’re choosing white, russet or red, they all equate to the same weight for their size.

a white and pink potato side by side showing the differences in  small medium and medium large
A white and pink potato side by side showing the similarities in size and weight for small, medium, and medium large.

Potato size and weight table for all varieties

  • Small: 0.2 lbs / 100g / (3.5oz)
  • Medium: 0.33 lbs / 150g / (5oz)
  • Medium/large 0.5 lbs / 230g / (8oz)
  • Large: 0.8 lbs / 362g / (13oz)

What weight is one average size white potato

On average, a medium/large size potato weighs around 0.5 lbs (230 grams)

a medium large white potato on a digital scale reading 0.48lbs
A medium large white potato weighs around 1/2 lb

How many potatoes in a pound

The simplest thing to do is to learn by eye how many potatoes are in a pound.

How many potatoes in a pound, two medium-large-sized white potatoes in a man's hand with the individual weights written on each one.
Two medium-large sized white potatoes weighing a total of one pound will just about fit in one hand.

Two medium/large-sized potatoes weigh around one pound in weight, regardless of variety. A rough guide to size is these two potatoes will just about fit into one hand.

How many Russet potatoes in a pound

All varieties and colours of potatoes, whites, red, pinks and blue potatoes equal to two medium-large potatoes per pound. This includes the varieties Russet Burbank, Yukon Gold, Shepody, Sierra Gold, King Edward, Maris Piper, and Marfona.

two medium large kerrs pink potatoes held in the palm of one hand weighing one pound
No difference across varieties -two medium large Kerrs Pink potatoes also weighs one pound.

Now you know that two medium/large sized potatoes equal one pound. If you still feel unsure what size this medium/large potato is, take out your scales and find two potatoes that equal 1 pound. Now hold them in your hand and you’ll never forget them again.

three medium sized kerrs pink potatoes held in a mans hand weighing a total of one pound
Three medium sized Kerrs Pink potatoes also weighs a total of one pound.

How many potatoes to make mashed potatoes

Think of making mashed potatoes for the family at the weekend? You’ll probably need a minimum of 1/2 pound of potato per person. That works out around one medium/large potato per person. Although, you will more than likely want to add a bit extra because everyone loves a bit of mash.

So, if everyone consumes 3/4 pound, you’ll be giving this much to people:

  • 4 people: 3 pounds (6 medium/large potatoes)
  • 6 people: 4.5 pounds (9 medium/large potatoes)
  • 12 people: 9 pounds (18 medium/large potatoes)

If you’ve decided that you’d like to add roast potatoes to the mix, most people will consume 1/2 pound each. So, if that’s the case, you’ll need:

  • 4 people: 2 pounds (4 medium/large potatoes)
  • 6 people: 3 pounds (6 medium/large potatoes)
  • 12 people: 6 pounds (12 medium/large potatoes)

Use the same quantity for Baked potatoes as roasted potatoes. But always make sure you make one extra just in case – there is always someone after more!

One pound of mashed potatoes is equal 2-3 cups.

Uses of potatoes

  • Potato starch is used for thickeners, binders of soups and sauces, as adhesive, and for manufacturing papers and boards.
  • In some countries, potatoes are used to brew alcoholic beverages such as akvavit, vodka, and potcheen.
  • Potatoes can be used as feed for animals and livestock.

All fresh potatoes are high in amino acids, vitamins, low in fat, and a good source of carbohydrates. They’re more nutritious than most people think.

They are inexpensive and widely available.It would be strange to go to a grocery store or supermarket and not see them for sale. Or, even better you can grow potatoes at home.

It might seem daunting to grow them at home, but once you know the basics, it’ll come naturally and you’ll have a great time – as well as having an endless supply of potatoes!

Benefits of potatoes

small medium and large potatoes held in a mans hand just after digging them - still with soil on
Potatoes come in all sizes, but when you know what size equals 1/2 pound, making meals is easier.
  • – Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • – Contain antioxidants
  • – Improves blood sugar stability
  • – Improves digestive health
  • – Naturally gluten-free
  • – Very filling
  • – Versatile

The vitamins and minerals in potatoes are: Vitamin B6, Potassium, Folate and Vitamin C.

The best way to cook potatoes is by steaming, baking, and boiling. These are the healthiest ways to prepare them and will have the least calories and fat.

Final thoughts

You now know that two medium/ large potatoes equal one pound. This will help with meal planning and buying groceries. If you are mindful when preparing potatoes, they can be a staple of a healthy diet and will be enjoyed by everyone!

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