red desiree potatoes

Potato Variety Desiree: origin and characteristics

Desiree is a red-skinned early maincrop potato. They are slightly waxy potatoes with a distinctive taste. They can be boiled, roasted, chipped and used cold in salads, they are versatile potatoes and are suitable for pre-packing and general ware.


Desiree was bred in the Netherlands in 1962.

Yield and dry matter

Expect high yields and potatoes with a medium dry matter.

Culinary aspects

Very versatile potato used for boiling, mashing, chipping and cold in salads.

Potato characteristics

Long, oval, slightly uneven shaped potatoes with red skin and pink sprout base. They have many eyes which are medium deep-set, medium smooth skin and a light yellow colour flesh.

Plant characteristics

Desiree has a medium height plant that blooms in a red /violet flower. They are an early maincrop potato and have many potato berries.

Resistance to diseases

Immune to potato wart and high resistance to skin spot.

Higher resistance to Potato Virus and Blackleg.

Medium resistance to Late Blight (on tubers and plant), Potato Leafroll Virus, Common Scab and Blackleg

Resistance to pests

Low resistance to Potato Cyst Nematode (Globodera pallida and Globodera rostochiensis)

Resistance to damage

Medium resistance to bruising. High resistance to splitting


Desiree will store well for a long time.


Desiree is a favourite with smallholders and allotment owners as it has a high resistance to drought and is fairly resistant to many diseases. It will provide high yields of large potatoes with a distinctive flavour. Heavy soil may cause misshapes. Because it matures slightly earlier than other maincrop potatoes it can be harvested earlier (sometimes 2 to 3 weeks earlier). Desiree potatoes will grow quite uniformly in size and shape. A fantastic versatile potato.

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