russet norkotah potatoes

Potato Variety Russet Norkotah: origin and characteristics

The potato variety Russet Norkotah is the second most popular potato in the US. They are russeted, brown-skinned early to medium maincrop potatoes. They are very attractive potatoes with excellent processing abilities. They can be boiled and mashed but their main market is for baked potatoes or processing for French fries.


The Russet Norkotah were bred in North Dakota in 1987.

Yield and dry matter

Expect normal yields (30-60t/ha) and potatoes with low to medium dry matter.

Culinary aspects

The potato has a mild flavor with a soft texture and medium density. When cooked it has a creamy rather than grainy texture. High starch content. Used mainly for baked potatoes and French fries.

Potato characteristics

Large, long, oval- slightly flat, uniform-shaped potatoes with brown skin and a slightly purple sprout base. They have few eyes which are not deep-set – this makes it excellent for peeling. It has russeted skin and a white color flesh.

russet norkotah potatoes
Russet Norkota potaoes

Plant Characteristics

Russet Norkotah has a medium-height plant with thick stems that blooms in white and yellow flowers which are few in number. They are early/ medium maincrop potatoes.

Resistance to diseases

Medium resistance to Common scab and silver scurf.

Low resistance to Late Blight (on tubers and plant), Potato Leafroll Virus, Common Scab, and Blackleg

Resistance to pests

Low resistance to Potato Cyst Nematode (Globodera pallida and Globodera rostochiensis)

Resistance to damage

Medium resistance to bruising. Medium resistance to splitting


Russet Norkotah will store well for a long time.


Russet Norkotah requires medium levels of uniform soil moisture and potato fertilizer to grow potatoes that are free from knots and pointed ends due to a small root system and a tendency to grow oversize potatoes. Russet Norkotah requires 30% less Nitrogen than Russet Burbank. Avoid planting in cold soils (under 50F ) They are the variety chosen for exceptional quality baked potatoes and French fries which are available to harvest earlier in the year.

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