rooster potatoes freshly dug laying on soil

Potato Variety Rooster: origin and characteristics

Rooster is the most popular potato in Ireland – In 2004 It accounted for 40% of the total potato crop grown. They are dull red-skinned, yellow-fleshed maincrop potatoes that have excellent taste and high yields. They are highly versatile- they can be boiled with skins on, mashed, chipped, roasted, steamed, and baked with very good results. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the origin and characteristics of this very popular potato variety.


Rooster potatoes were bred at the Irish research center Teagasc Oak Park in Carlow, Ireland by Harry Kehoe in 1991 in conjunction with Irish Potato Marketing Ltd

Yield and dry matter

Capable of high yields (40-50t/ha) and will produce potatoes with a low to medium dry matter.

Culinary aspects

The potato has a beautiful earthy flavour with a fluffy texture and creamy taste.

Potato characteristics

Large, oval- slightly round, uniform-shaped potatoes with a deep dull red skin that is medium smooth. When sprouting the potato will show a slightly violet-colored sprout base. They have few eyes which are shallow set – this makes it excellent for peeling. Rooster potatoes have yellow flesh.

rooster potatoes freshly dug laying on soil
Freshly dug Rooster potatoes

Plant characteristics

Rooster has a medium/ tall height plant with thick stems that blooms in a Red/ violet flower. The plant will produce few potato berries. They are a maincrop maturity potato.

Resistance to diseases

Medium/ high resistance to common scab and powdery scab, blackleg, Potato Leafroll Virus, and late blight on tubers.

Medium resistance to late blight on foliage,

Resistance to pests

Low resistance to Potato Cyst Nematode (Globodera pallida and Globodera rostochiensis)

Resistance to damage

Higher resistance to bruising and splitting


Rooster potatoes will store well for a long time.


Rooster potatoes are a highly versatile, high-yielding delicious potato variety which does not require excessive amounts of soil moisture or fertilizer to grow well. The potatoes are of even size and high in number per plant. The smoothness of shape makes it easy to wash, peel and prepare. It has quite good resistance to many pests and diseases with the exception of potato cyst nematode. Because Rooster potatoes give excellent results and can be prepared in many ways, this makes it the best general-purpose potato in Ireland today.

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